Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Flightpix! My name is Robert Schönherr Jr. For me, aviation is powerful, beautiful, fascinating and sometimes even relaxing. My interest for aircraft started with flightspotting, and since the early 1990s my camera has escorted me to several airports around the world. In 1996, I started a website called "Stockholm Arlanda Flightspotter Page". SAFP was one of the first websites on the internet for aviation-enthusiasts.

It contained pictures, daily updated news, flight-deck reports, virtual tour of Arlanda airport and much more. Soon SAFP became one of the most popular aviation-sites in northern Europe.

In 2001, Flightpix was born. Since the first day, visitors could reed news and see powerful images of airliners. You are now viewing the latest version of Flightpix, released in November 2003. A nice milestone in the history of Flightpix was the creation of a place for enthusiasts and relatives of passengers to view aircraft movements at Stockholm Arlanda. Through Flightpix, hundreds of spotters used their chance to give their ideas and thoughts of such a location. This project was later realised by the Swedish aviation-authority together with the Swedish aviation-historical society.
Aviation is more than an interest to me - it is more like a passion. Trough my photographs, I like to show other people what I think make aviation so special. My images have been available to media for years, and if you are searching for something special, for your private collection - as well as for your company - please feel free to contact me. Since I started taking pictures of aircraft, I have pushed the trigger more than 50,000 times. At Flightpix, only a small part of my work is presented.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all friends, contributors and customers for their help throughout the last seven years - since the first day SAFP got online.

In recent years, people have given me positive feedback on my work, and I often get asked if they can get some copies of my photographs. That is why I created this new version of Flightpix. Images of aircraft combined with informative caption are the result. All images you see on this site are available to very reasonable prices - exclusively delivered in passé partout. If you feel like shopping or just view  power of aviation, I hope you will enjoy your stay at Flightpix.

Best regards,